No Fleece Allowed

Venture Capital Roundtable

Transforming how GPs talk about the business of Venture Capital. 
No BS, just straight talk about what works and what doesn’t in VC.

December 12
10:00AM - 6:00PM
The Commonwealth Club
San Francisco

2018 Recap

Our goal for No Fleece Allowed (NFA) was to facilitate an honest conversation about VC. Mission accomplished! NFA has transformed our industry. In one day, we created an unvarnished roundtable discussion with120 VCs about our industry. Our speakers covered important topics including 1) Softbank and the rise of the Mega-Funds, 2) the lack of innovation in VC, and 3) the impact of valuations on VC.

Why the name? We wanted this to be as far from VC as possible. In fact, we were attacking the idea of VC and wanted to replace it with a no BS alternative. Our entrepreneurs expect us to be honest and direct with them, so why is it so hard to be honest and direct with each other? Even our gift was as far from VC as possible: a rhinestone, glittery “FOMO.VC” pendant as far from VC as possible.

Thanks for joining and looking forward to our next conversation!

The Details

Join Outspoken VC Leaders


Paul Martino
Bullpen Capital

Bill Gurley

Mike Maples

Dana Settle

Aydin Senkut

Trae Vassallo 


Eric Wiesen
Bullpen Capital

Semil Shah 
Haystack & Lightspeed



9:30 AM · Registration opens

10:00 AM · Session 1: Going against the grain in
Venture Capital: Why does it have to be so hard? 
Dana Settle · Greycroft & Paul Martino · Bullpen Capital

11:15 AM · Networking Break

11:30 AM · Session 2: Softbank and the rise of the
Mega Fund: What does it mean for all the rest of us?

Mike Maples · Floodgate & Aydin Senkut · Felicis

12:45 PM · Lunch

1:45 PM · Session 3: The best time to be in VC 
(except for valuations)

Eric Wiesen · Bullpen & Trae Vassallo · Defy

3:00 PM · Networking Break

3:15 PM · Session 4: Grab bag of awesome-ness:
Crowd-sourced topics addressed

Bill Gurley · Benchmark & Semil Shah · Haystack and Lightspeed

4:30 PM · Closing Remarks & Contest Winners

5:00 PM · Cocktails



Interactive Format

Each session will be a fireside chat between two industry luminaries followed by an open forum during which all attendees will be encouraged to participate. 

NFA is strictly off-the-record (no press or social media) to allow for unfiltered conversations.



No Fleece

Please bring your conviction, but leave your khakis, annoying VC-branded vests, and of course anything fleece at home. And no predicting the future, unless you are at least occasionally right. 


About No Fleece Allowed

Why is it that quality discussions about what works and what doesn’t in venture capital only happens between two GPs in a private conference room?

Isn’t it crazy that in a town built on venture capital there isn’t a single valuable conference for GPs to discuss the state of the business?

Why are GPs reluctant to share what’s great about venture capital and their firms?

For all the industries created by venture capital, why is there no world-class conference for GPs?

Please join Bullpen Capital and Floodgate as we fix these problems!

NFA is strictly off-the-record (no press or social media) to allow for unfiltered conversations.

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